Momini Dvori

A combination of style, taste, original design, pleasant atmosphere and perfect cuisine

Can one visit Bansko and not go to a Mehana?! Absolutely out of the question! There is a great number of Mehana in Bansko, but we can assure you – ours is the best. It is unique – with an open demonstration kitchen, of original design and an enormous summer garden, colored by a lot of flowers and greenery. And all this is only at an arm’s length from you.

The kitchen is the soul of the home,
and the charm in the details is the handwriting of the host,
who greets you as soon as you enter the threshold, as in our courtyards.
We approach with attention and love
Your comfort and taste, for which boutique hotel and tavern "Momini dvori"
takes care to this day. And just as the concert is not just music,
so the restaurant is not only food, it is also a joy,
and communication and entertainment…
Thanks for the trust! Enjoy your stay!


What sets us apart?


Capacity – The tavern has a total of 180 seats, 110 of which are indoor and a summer terrace with 70 seats, more suitable for warm days. Our latest acquisition is the unique for Bansko winter garden, where you can sit on the square and while the snow is falling around you, you will be able to warmly enjoy the beautiful view of the city center.
We can organize your wedding, anniversary, and any other celebrations.

Summer Garden – The restaurant has a huge summer garden, located in a beautiful place, which is undoubtedly the central square "Nikola Vaptsarov". Mottled with many flowers, greenery, trees and various types of plants, the decorative bamboo fence and the gentle lights in the evening make this place a paradise, ideal for your rest and relaxation. From here you would also be a wonderful spectator of the various events held in Bansko such as the Jazz Festival, Pirin Folk Fest and many others.

The Ideas – With us you will not see the typical for the local taverns and become banal rugs on the walls and on the upholstery of benches and chairs, but instead you will be able to enjoy benches dressed in real goatskins, and on the walls - carvings, tapestries and hand-knitted panels that are real works of art. Valevitsa, located right in the middle, gives a slightly exotic look to the restaurant and at the same time creates a feeling of mountain tranquility.

The Kitchen – We are the only tavern in Bansko with an open demonstration kitchen. Our customers can at any time observe how their food will be prepared, to monitor the hygiene in the kitchen, the decent and clean appearance of the cooks, the utensils and equipment used. In general, all the processes taking place in the kitchen of "Momini Dvori" take place before the demanding eye of our client.

The Design – Our tavern is an original combination between wood, white plaster and volcanic stone, which you cannot see anywhere else in Bansko. The restaurant isn't located in the basement of a house but on the ground floor. It has a lot of light during the day and the evening and also has panoramic view of the central square.

Music – With us you will always hear pleasant music, caressing the ear, so you can easily have your conversation. For more party nights we also offer live music by intelligent singers. There are many other things that distinguish us from others and make us unique, but it is best to come and see and see for yourself.